Last week, President Obama reminded us all why his election gave many of us so much hope. In plain language, he spoke of how he wanted his daughters, Sasha and Malia, to have their learning assessed. He described a low-stakes, low pressure environment, with the results used not to punish them, their teachers or their school, but simply to find out what their strengths are, and where they might need extra support. He spoke of the need to avoid teaching to the test, and the value of engaging projects that would make students excited about learning. President Obama has made sure his daughters can learn this way. If only Department of Education policies would allow students in our public schools this same opportunity!

(You can view the president making these comments here. Read more about Organizing Committee member Anthony Cody’s exchange with the Department of Education at his blog, Living In Dialogue.)

President Obama needs to understand: those of us who care deeply about our children and public schools cannot support his candidacy if he does not fix his education policies so they align with what he said on March 28th.

We have created a petition asking President Obama to support the Guiding Principles of the Save Our School March and National Call to Action, which are aligned with his words last week. And if he supports these principles, we’d like him to come speak to the Save Our Schools March and Rally on July 30, in Washington, DC. Please join us in asking the President to align his words and policy actions by signing our petition.