Follow along and listen to commentary during the SOS March events on Saturday!

Can’t make it to DC? No local events in your area? Have no fear! You can still follow along as Alice Mercer, teacher and Tech-Diva hosts a live Webcast show starting a little before 9 am PDT/10 MDT/11 CDT and noon on the east coast. We’ll start with the events at the Ellipse, and move west with the sun and activities, capping things off at 2 pm PDT/3 MDT/4 CDT/5 EDT.

Where can you find us? Go to, click on the UStream player on the right, and type your name in on the left (no password is needed) if you’d like to join a text chat. We’ll be following the Twitter stream from events, and having folks on the ground call in and share.

NOTE: This will be an audio only show so we can include folks from the events.