In the spirit of Independence Day, we’d like to share this statement on public education and Civics in particular, which comes to us from Academy Award-winning actor and friend of the March Richard Dreyfuss. Best known for his roles in films like The Goodbye Girl and Mr. Holland’s Opus, Dreyfuss is also a staunch supporter of a well-rounded public school education for all students.

From his video statement:

There can be no greater mandate in education than enabling and guiding our children to act as responsible citizens engaged in their community, nation, and the world around them. We know that our children will be the source of new ideas, new industries and new jobs; the source of solutions to new problems facing our world…

Teachers are not the problem. Teachers are the solution. But teachers must have the tools, knowledge and resources they need to convey these ‘truths we hold self-evident’ to the students they serve, who in turn serve our collective future.

Please enjoy the video, and be sure to join Richard Dreyfuss and other public school advocates in taking action for public schools this July 30th!

ETA: Also, check out our joint statement on the importance of Civics.

Dreyfuss Testimonial