After Two Months of Riding–Gay & Dusty at the Save Our Schools Rally

Poster’s Note:  Apologies to Dusty & Gay Blech who faithfully shared all aspects of their amazing journey with the Save Our Schools March, for the delayed posting of their last two posts. Things got a little crazy before and immediately after the March. It’s been an honor to log in the legs of their journey–and a fascinating privilege to follow their thinking.  Sincerely, Nancy Flanagan (SOS March Electronic Media Coordinator)



July 28, 2011

The ride into Washington, DC on the Bicentennial Bike Trail was exciting and inspiring. When we reached the Potomac River at Mount Vernon, 15 miles of bike path paralleled the river offering unparalleled views.








We crossed the river to the Jefferson Memorial and then visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Library of Congress. We are here in Washington, DC after two months of riding from San Francisco, California. We can hardly wait to join all of you at the Ellipse. We’ll be on our bicycle.

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