Austin to Chicago Parents Support Public Education

Austin to Chicago Parents Support Public Education

From Chicago to Austin: The Fight to Save Public Education

Solidarity Panel and Rally!
Saturday, August 25, 7:00 PM
5604 Manor Rd Austin, TX 78723

Speakers include: teachers, union activists, a Chicago teacher via Skype and more.

Teachers in Chicago are in a high-stakes showdown with a city administration determined to break their union. The outcome of this fight will have major implications not only for all unions in the public and private sector, but also in the battle to save public education from budget cuts, corporate-style “reform,” and privatization.

There are 26,500 teachers, office staff and aides in the Chicago Teachers’ Union (CTU). 98% of voting members voted to authorize a strike for just compensation. The CTU has advanced a vision for real reform and education justice, and built a strong network of support among unionists, parents and community activists.

The Chicago teachers’ struggle will be a defining one for the U.S. labor movement — and they need our support here in Austin and around the country. Their campaign shows the fighting spirit we saw last year in Wisconsin — but with the organized economic leverage and community support that could force the city administration to back down.

Your support for the teachers will send a clear message to the politicians, business leaders and union-busters not only in Chicago but also across the United States: We will not stand for the ongoing assault on public education in our country. We will not stand for the persecution of our union brothers and sisters. We stand for their rights and for the schools that all of our children deserve!


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  1. Betsy Marshall

    These rallies need to take place in every state where unions afford teachers the right to have their voices heard. This is Great California! I hope NY is next………. NYSUT??

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