Chicago Teachers Strike Ended

Save Our Schools: A National Call to Action

This afternoon we heard the word; the Chicago Teachers strike ended. We saw the reports, Teachers End Chicago Strike on Second Try The New York Times., How Chicago Schools Compare., Chicago Teachers Union strike ends The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room, Chicago’s Teacher Strike Ends; Classes Resume Wednesday NBC Chicago. We wanted for word from the Chicago Teachers Union. Here it is….

Strike Ends

On Tuesday, September 18th, the CTU House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to suspend the strike and send the contract to all 26,000 CTU members for a ratification vote. Teachers, clinicians and PSRPs will return to school on the morning of Wednesday, September 19th.

Click here to download the latest summary of highlights in the new tentative agreement.

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Save Our Schools Supports the Chicago Teachers Union

SOS, little ones and older persons understand that a fair contract means much more than most might think. The Chicago Teachers Union, parents and the children who educators have chosen to serve, want Americans countrywide to know, there’s a great deal of work to do to create the schools our students deserve. This includes:

  • REDUCE CLASS SIZE – Threats to put as many as 55 children in one classroom cannot be ignored!
  • PROVIDE SOCIAL SERVICES CHILDREN NEED – The school board refuses to hire more social workers, nurses and other clinicians at a time when youth violence is skyrocketing.
  • INVEST IN ALL SCHOOLS – The school board denies funds to schools in low-income neighborhoods. Our students need equal access to high-quality learning opportunities in every neighborhood school!
  • SUPPORT TEACHERS AS PROFESSIONALS – The school board so far refuses to give your school’s teachers, paraprofessionals, and others a fair contract.
  • STOP CHARTER EXPANSIONS, turn-arounds, and school closings.

Tell your mayor and Board of Education to make our students a priority. We all must invest in high quality school facilities, staff, and resources for all students. Join us in our fight to win a fair contract and to move our schools forward.

Please Peruse, Print, and Pass this flyer around. Parents and Teachers Unite For Better Schools

Save Our Schools and Supporters of Quality Public Education for All help us build a stronger America. Thank you for your dedication to building strong and intelligent children and communities. May Chicago teachers change not only Chicago, but inspire change throughout school districts around the country.

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