NJ Save Our Schools March Update, Fall Actions, 9/17/12


*Members of NJ SOS MARCH tabled at the Occupy the K-12 Public School Narrative on Saturday, September 15 in Washington Square Park, NYC. There were also breakout sessions that joined parents, students, community and education activists to discuss: corporate reform, teacher education, high stakes testing, opting out and the continuum of resistance. There were upwards of 60 participants and much information and ideas for future actions to educate the public and in general protect the further corporate takeover of our public schools were shared.

*We also marched with OWS on Monday, September 10 in support of The Chicago Teacher Union Strike (see the attached picture).

*Some other NJ actions by members (NJ SOS MARCH being one of them) and friends of the Our Children/Our Schools Coalition:

1) OC/OS allies are spearheading a campaign designed to bring to the attention of the U.S. Department of Education the negative impact of the NCLB waiver the Department granted to NJ. Please read the linked letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and let Julia Rubin from Save Our Schools NJ know if you and your organization can sign on. Reach Julia by September 21 at: jlsrubin@verizon.net

2) The AFL-CIO has prepared a letter requesting that several NJ corporations end their memberships in ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). The letter will be sent to: Merck, Honeywell, Celgene, Novartis, Daiichi Sankyo, and Sanofi-Aventis. If your organization would like to sign on to the letter, please contact Cris Rampolla ASAP at crisrampolla@gmail.com and she’ll put you in touch with Eric Richard at the NJ State AFL-CIO.

3) Please see attached [link] flyer about “Journey for Justice 2012: The Ride for Education Justice,” on September 20-21 in Washington, D.C. Newark is one of 15 cities from around the nation participating in rallies at the Washington, D.C. Public Schools and at the Congressional Black Caucus Convention.

4) Please see [linked flyer] about the 2012 Statewide Public Meeting sponsored by Building ONE New Jersey on Sunday, September 30, 4-6pm, in Edison. The meeting will focus on: equitable school funding for diverse communities, lower property taxes, infrastructure funding, fair housing and criminal justice reform. Many elected officials will attend. See contact information on the flyer to let meeting organizers know how many people from your group will attend. You can also contact Archange Antoine at aantoine@njregionalcoalition.org for more information.

5) Advocates for Children of NJ (ACNJ) is holding a meeting to discuss the Education Transformation Task Force Report released last week, on Monday, October 1, at 10am, at the PSE&G Training Center, Room 254, 234 Pierson Ave., Edison. For more information or to sign up for the meeting (space is limited), contact Cynthia Rice at crice@acnj.org

As you can see, the push back to protect education is in full swing. Please take time to support at least one action in any way that you are able to, either as an individual or as a part of your organization.

Terry Moore
New Jersey Information Coordinator
Save Our Schools March (NJ Chapter)


Terry Moore with Save Our Schools March (New Jersey Chapter)-and a friend.
SOSers rally and march in support of The Chicago Union Teachers Strike.
200 marchers, feisty chants, and signs.

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