Quick SOS March Update, September, 2012

Quick SOS March Update, September, 2012

*The Save Our Schools March Convention, in my opinion, was a great success. The workshops were interesting and informative, the infrastructure of SOS is now more solidified and we are moving forward. Discussions in hallways, restaurants, bars, etc. bonded many members from across the country. But you can decide for yourself after watching this pretty cool video:

Investors Seek To Profit From Privatizing Public Schools

The fun flash mob after Nancy Carlsson-Paige’s keynote also tells a tale

The Great Pretenders Parody

Please check out our website for much more info on the convention; You may be interested in Convention Reflections. There are Videos to view, Photographs to see, and Blogs to read.

There are a number of actions that New Jersey Save Our Schools March is considering. One that you should be very aware of is the dodgy and deceptive movie, Won’t Back Down, being released at the end of September. The links to a flyer that will inform you and you could use or change (using your own contact information) to spread the word (movie theaters, faculty lounges, etc,) can be found just below.
Download a Printable Flyer…
“Won’t Back Down,” Parents Across America Responds[ MSWord]
“Won’t Back Down,” Parents Across America Responds [pdf]

I’ll let you know further actions after NJ SOS meets.

Terry Moore
New Jersey Information Coordinator
Save Our Schools March (NJ Chapter)

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