The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve

Save Our Schools Webinar
The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve
Core Caucus Leader Sarah Chambers and CTU Teachers
Thursday, October 4, 2012 9:00 PM Eastern Time [ET}
Please Join Us!

Sarah Chambers, Core Caucus Leader for The Chicago Teachers Union [CTU] will moderate the Webinar.

CORE is The Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) is a group of dedicated teachers, retirees, Paraprofessional School Related Personnel (PSRPs), parents, community members and other champions of public education. We fight for equitable public education and hope to improve the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) so that it fights both on behalf of its members and on behalf of Chicago’s students.

The strength of CORE helped elect Karen Lewis CTU President. These Rank and File educators were instrumental in leadership roles leading up to and during the strike.

Sarah will share the overall context and history of the teacher’s union movement known as CORE, the strategy’s used to build unity, understanding and commitment within the rank and file membership. She and CTU Teachers will also discuss the highly successful efforts made to involve and inform the parents and the community at large.

Teachers Paula Madden, Tamara Laird, Rosalva Acevedo, Angel Perez will discuss the process of coming to a 98% vote to strike. The daily picketing and actions in the community will also be a topic for discussion. The decision to end the strike…There is much to talk about.

The Chicago Teachers will focus on the experiences they shared on the picket-line. Each will offer insights, learnings, challenges, and hopes. The Educators will share the thoughts and experiences that led to them, personally, to favor a strike. During the action realizations abound. Now, upon reflection, the Teachers acknowledge that the event was their teacher. Community support contributed to the lessons learned.

Each of these people, teachers, counselors, aides, parents, students and the local clergy amassed a abundance of knowledge. As they got to know each other and became unified on the issues that make a difference in theirs and their student’s lives. Together they went on strike to provide The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve.

Paula Madden has been teaching in Chicago Public schools for more than 25 years and is very active in advocating for the Schools that all our Children deserve.

Angel Perez teaches 5th grade science at Salcedo. Last year Perez taught at Marquette. That school was closed and turned around this past year. Angel has been teaching since 1995

Rosalva Acevedo currently teaches 3 and 4 year olds in Salcedo’s head start program. She has 10 plus years teaching as well as ten years experience as a Principal.

Tamara Laird also teaches in the Head Start program.

Please join Sarah Chambers, Paula Madden, Tamara Laird, Rosalva Acevedo, Angel for the Thursday, October 4th Webinar…9:00 PM Eastern Time [ET].

If you were there, in Chicago, on the picket-line, or wish to live vicariously and feel as though you were, please partake in Chicago Teachers Union Strike. Parents and Teachers Take It to the Streets

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