Jane Watson Writes, Charters Not Needed

Jane Watson Writes, Charters are Not Needed

As published in the Yakima Herald-Republic Charters not needed November 1, 2012

To the editor — Thank you for the Oct. 24 article and editorial concerning charter schools.

Parents and older students do have a variety of school choices, including private schools, public school, home schooling, computer school, EPIC Headstart, Oakridge Montessori, etc. There is a Migrant Education Center in Sunnyside.

All of these choices have not improved public education. Using our taxpayers’ money for another choice of charter schools won’t improve public education, either. Invest in the system we have.

Looking at our five local public school districts, we have seen new school construction keeping up with the times, including Stanton Academy. We have top-notch teachers and programs already in place for a variety of instructional needs, including individual or small groups tutoring from the teachers and summer schools.

Our public schools have been addressing concerns and have seen improvements in the last three years without a new system of buildings, teachers and boards. If you have a concern or need, visit your local public school and be surprised at the excellence and concern for your child — our children.

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