Steering Committee Election 2013 – 2015

Save Our Schools: A National Call to Action

Steering Committee Election 2013 – 2015

Dear Save Our Schools Supporters…

Save Our Schools is moving forward in developing strategies that ensure grassroots voices are heard in the education conversation. Issues such as testing, privatization, and school funding are our primary concerns.

To facilitate this process the SOS membership will nominate and elect a new National Steering Committee. The process consisted of three phases. Voter Eligibility Confirmed. Nominations.

Then on or before Sunday, December 23, 2012 The Vote!

Ballots will be, or dependent on when you read this, were sent out on December 18, 2012 and voting will or did begin. From that date forward through Sunday, December 23, 2012 Eligible Voters can partake in the election process.

Please be an Informed Voter!

Read the Nominee Biographies and their answers to pertinent questions. Peruse the Aspirants Vision Statements! Also, watch and listen to the Candidates speak about who they are and what they think is our shared Mission.

The Steering Committee election results will be posted to the SOS website. [show-menu menu=”Election2013”]

* SOS is applying for 501c3 status so as to be eligible for grants and allow for fuller involvement in our mission.

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