School Hit List Released Soon; Act Today!

Action Alert

School Hit List Released Soon; Act Today!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Board of Education has threatened to shutter more than one hundred of our neighborhood schools. Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett is expected to release the hit list soon. 

CPS is currently holding “community hearings” underwritten by the Walton Family Foundation (Wal-Mart) to sell these school closings to the public. Concurrently, charter school profiteers have been pushing their message of replacing neighborhood schools with charter operations through the so-called “School Choice Week.”

The public did not buy what the saboteurs and privatizers were selling and thousands attended these meetings to save all schools from closing. CTU members, parents, clergy, and community-based, grassroots organizations have organized summits, knocked on doors, visited El stops and phoned elected officials in an attempt to stop school closings and ensure neighborhood schools get the resources they need.

The Chicago Teachers Union members and allies must be prepared for the release of the hit list by staying organized and vigilant. 

In this short video, CTU President Karen GJ Lewis explains what we all must do to save our schools.

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