Good News In Georgia; Victory! We Did It!

Good News In Georgia; Victory! We Did It!

Because of our efforts, Parent Trigger legislation was tabled for this session Today’s result proves what we have been saying all along — that the actions of Georgia parents and educators can beat back the influence out-of-state special interest groups.
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Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!

The Georgia General Assembly is considering legislation (SB 243) to expand a private school tax credit program from $50 million to $65 million per year. This equates to a 30% increase for the program, while the state is not meeting its constitutional obligation to fund our public schools. Over $1 billion dollars has been cut to public education this year meaning teacher furloughs, shortened school calendars, and bigger classes for our public schools.

Legislators who seek to sidestep responsibility continue to lay blame on a weak economy, but can miraculously find $15 million in additional funding in the state budget — millions that could be used to close the budget gaps for the state’s poorest school districts or be used to increase the number of pre-k spots, expanding real choice for Georgia families.

Take Action on SB 234!

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