Occupy the DOE 2.0

Occupy the DOE 2.0: Save Our Schools Webinar

with Drs. Sam Anderson, Morna McDermott, Shaun Johnson, Educator Ceresta Smith and Student Voice Stephanie Rivera
March 27, 2013 – 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time [EDT}

Please Join Us as We Occupy the Department of Education for a Second Time!! Drs. Sam Anderson, Morna McDermott, Shaun Johnson, Veteran Educator Ceresta Smith and Stephanie Rivera will share the details during this Save Our Schools hosted Webinar.

March 27th, 9PM EST


Please join administrators of the public education advocacy group UNITED OPT OUT NATIONAL http://unitedoptout.com/ for a powerful presentation, a Webinar Fundraiser in support of Occupy the DOE 2.0.

UOO Board Members and Organizers, Morna McDermott, Shaun Johnson, and Ceresta Smith will speak about the second annual event. Save Our Schools, in support will host the Webinar/Fundraiser. Together let us help raise funds so that student scholars might attend the Washington DC Rally and March.

UOO and SOS ask all of those who support teachers, students and public schools to join this discussion and learn more about the four-day gathering of progressive education activists who endeavor to resist the destructive influences of corporate and for-profit education reforms.

Sam, Morna, Shaun, Ceresta, and Stephanie Rivera will share their reasons for attending the April 4-7 Occupy the DOE 2.0 action, a Rally and March to the White House.

Please join us as we explore opportunities for resisting destructive ed. reform policies and for rebuilding our public education system.

See the Full Schedule for Occupy the DOE Occupy2.0: The Official Schedule for Occupy DOE 2.0: The Battle for Public Schools
via @unitedoptout

Save Our Schools wishes to further awareness for the cause. We ask you to contribute what you are able. Please help defray the cost of their travel. Donate Now!



Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson – New York City

Dr. Samuel Anderson is a retired New York City Mathematics and Black History professor who has taught at various colleges and universities for more than forty years. He is also the author of books on science, technology and the history of slavery. Sam has been active in the Civil Rights / Black Liberation Movements for nearly a half century and has combined his activism with his scholastic work via numerous community organization and Black Studies Departments. He is also co-chair of the Board of Trustees of the Brecht Forum, the Malcolm X Museum, a member of the Black Left Unity Network, a member of the NYC Coalition for Public Education, and Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence (BNYEE). Sam Anderson is also a parent of two sons who have successfully navigated the New York City public school system. Presentation title: Education Is a Human Right Not a Corporate “Gift.”

Morna McDermott

Morna McDermott – United Opt Out – Associate Professor at Towson University, Maryland

Morna McDermott is one of the six administrators for the national movement United Opt Out National. She has been working in, with, and around public schools for over twenty years. Currently she is also an Associate Professor at Towson University, in Maryland where she teaches various theory and methods courses in the College of Education. Her scholarship and research interests focus on democracy, social justice, and arts-informed inquiry in K-post secondary educational settings, and working with beginning and experienced educators.

Morna explores how the arts serve as a form of literacy that challenges traditional classroom learning and dominant narratives. Her recent book published by IPA Press is entitled The Left Handed Curriculum: Creativity for Empowering Teachers. Dr. McDermott currently serves as the Arts Based Educational Research section editor for the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy. In addition to publishing in educational journals and books, she writes for her blog www.educationalchemy.com. She currently lives in Baltimore with her husband and two children. Contact Morna at mcdermottmax@yahoo.com.

Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson – Towson University

Dr. Shaun Johnson is an assistant professor of elementary education at Towson University. Johnson is a former public school teacher and blogger. He returns to his roots every summer, teaching 5th graders in a DC public charter school. Shaun earned his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University and researches and publishes about gender in education, social studies, and education reform. He is the founder of At the Chalk Face, an education blog, podcast, and now nationally syndicated radio show.


Ceresta Smith

Ceresta Smith – Miami Florida

Ceresta Smith, an American University alumna, is a twenty-three-year veteran educator who has taught grades six through twelve reading and language arts, as well as beginning and advanced television production. Contact Ceresta at cerestas@yahoo.com or 786-303-4785.

She earned her National Board Certification in Adult/Young Adult English/language arts in 2002 and now serves as a teacher leader and mentor. In September of 2008, she moved from a school deemed “high performing” to serve as a teacher leader and literacy coach in a school deemed “low performing.” While there, she became a 2009 – 2010 recipient of a Jordan Fundamental Grant that facilitated the implementation of Text Titans, a literacy building initiative designed by her and funded by Brand Jordan. A private foundation created by basketball great Michael Jordan, Brand Jordan honors teachers who motivate and inspire students toward achieving excellence.

As a committed educator and activist, Ms. Smith founded the Concerned Teacher Coalition in 2009 to address the inequities in Miami-Dade County’s predominantly African-American public schools. One of the original organizers of Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action, she continues to champion for equity and quality pedagogy in America’s public schools.

Stephanie Rivera

Stephanie Rivera – A Future Classroom Teacher, Current Cyberspace Teacher

Stephanie Rivera is a 20 year old student studying English and Education at Rutgers University. She is a high school mentor, teacher assistant, future teacher, and runs her own blog at Teacher Under Construction. Her work includes elevating student voices, working towards recreating a nation where the term “at-risk” is no longer a term associated with the term “school,” and ultimately empowering future world changers.
On Twitter…@stephrrivera

Save Our Schools wishes to further awareness for the Occupy the DOE 2.0 cause. We ask you to contribute what you are able. Please help defray the cost of student, parent, and interested in education persons travel. Donate Now!


Please Join Us!


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