SOS Dolls “on Parade”


On the eve of July 4th, three intrepid education activists: Morna McDermott, Nancy Shelton and Bess Altwerger brought the quest to end corporate reform to the streets of Catonsville, a small town in MD which has a tradition of lining chairs up in advance of the 4th of July Parade. This year, a series of Save Our Schools protest dolls took first row seat for the parade.In the summer of 2011, members of the Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action brought sixty large stuffed dolls, made by students and teachers from around the country and placed in boxes, to the steps of the US Department of Education.

So under the cover of darkness on July 3rd these three professors of education decided it was time to bring the dolls back out of retirement and remind people at the parade that the fight against corporate education reform is heating up. What will the folks whose chair they stole think about them? It’s anyone’s guess. But they’re sure to bring some much needed attention to the struggles our teachers and students are facing in light of ill-conceived education policies. It is the hope of Morna, Nancy and Bess that people all over the country will follow suit and make their own dolls: place them in boxes, place them in chairs, anywhere- and write a statement on them letting everyone know where YOU stand on public education! The doll movement is growing.

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