SOS & BAT Update – CT

Our very first press conference is this Thursday, and we need your help! We need any SOSers & BATS who are free on Thursday and can come to the press conference. We would love to have parents with children and grandparents, and concerned community members.


The press conference is at 11:00 AM this Thursday, February 27. The meeting will take place in room 2A in the Legislative Office Building connected to the Capitol. People should meet in the lobby at 10:30. The whole thing will be over by 11:30.

Our press conference has been sponsored by Representative Tim Ackert.

We need a retired teacher who would be willing to speak on behalf of teachers or someone who can speak out, and won’t get in trouble.

We are also looking for a student who will speak out on behalf of the students of CT.

We will be talking about having an Ethan’s Law in CT. We are winning, and Ethan’s Law is something tangible for voters to latch onto. Let’s see Steve Perry get all tough love on kids like Ethan – you know the ones he doesn’t take into his school.

SO – sending out an SOS! We need all the help and support we can get this week to make our SOS & BAT voices heard in the great state of CT.

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