Michael Brown – In Memorial, In Solidarity

     Save Our Schools joins the Network for Public Education and other public education advocacy organizations in decrying, in the strongest terms, the killing of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent suppression of the community’s right to free speech and assembly.
     SOS is committed to eliminating the systemic social, economic and racial injustices that plague our society and endanger the nation’s youth on our streets, in our schools and on our borders. We urge all concerned educators, parents and community members to join us in advocating for an end to the school-to-prison pipeline that criminalizes and incarcerates our youth at alarming rates and to the militarization of local law enforcement agencies that should be protecting the public’s civil and constitutional rights. We further call for a unified campaign to ensure the right of all young people to a childhood free of the devastating effects of poverty on their health, safety and education. SOS recognizes that a democratic, equitably funded public school system is a civil right and human right of every child and fundamental to ensuring a future in which they realize their full personal potential and become active and productive members of society.
     Save Our Schools applauds the teachers, administrators and volunteers of Ferguson, Missouri, who refused to delay the beginning of the school year and instead brought the education of their students to alternative spaces, such as libraries and community buildings. Once again, educators have demonstrated to our nation their professionalism and dedication, whether by placing themselves directly in harm’s way to protect their students, by marching with communities to prevent school closures, or by delivering quality education despite the obstacles of corporate driven federal mandates. Save Our Schools remains committed to ensuring that our public school systems respect and honor their professional educators and recognize the critical role they play in the lives of our youth.
Sign ColorOfChange.org’s petition if you agree enough is enough.

Send an urgent message to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Michael Brown’s shooting.