SOS Board Member/Treasurer Meets with Secretary of Education for State of Chiapas, Mexico

December 2014

PPeterPhoto_3SecOfEd_JPGrofessor Peter McLaren, who serves on the national Board of Save Our Schools as Treasurer, recently guest lectured at the Autonomous University in Chiapas, Mexico. His lecture drew a crowd of 800 teachers and students.

During his stay in Chiapas, McLaren received an invitation to meet from Ricardo Aguilar Gordillo, Secretary of Education for the State of Chiapas. The Secretary asked Professor McLaren to evaluate the Spanish and Mayan-language textbooks used in elementary classrooms throughout Chiapas. The two men met after McLaren’s lecture and discussed the professor’s continued work with teachers in Mexico.

McLaren serves as International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice and Co-Director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project at Chapman University in southern California. The Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire, who served as McLaren’s mentor, is widely recognized as one of the architects of critical pedagogy.Peterphoto_1_JPG

While in Mexico, Professor McLaren also joined activities protesting the recent massacre of 43 teacher education students.

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