SOS V.P. is organizing a tri-state summit of ed activists, teachers, & families

SOS Board Member Update

Vice-President Oversees Planning of NE Education Summit for June 2015

SOS Board Member V-P Ricardo Rosa, in his role as assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies, continues to prepare educational leaders committed to analyzing educational policy and contexts from the perspective of those who bear the most social cost. He also continues to organize community-based forums on pressing educational issues. These forums include: dialogues on the PARCC and opting-out of high stakes tests, the criminalization of youth and the school-to-prison pipeline, improving relations between schools and families, and eco-justice pedagogy.

Ricardo is also co-chair of the S.E. Massachusetts and R.I. Coalition to Save Our Schools. The organization is currently organizing a tri-state summit of educational activists, teachers and families in the effort to discuss the corporate agenda in the regions educational systems and to work out a concrete action plan to resist the invasion. The summit is scheduled for June of 2015. Details will soon be posted on the SOS website.

Ricardo has also been active in conducting workshops on high-stakes testing for multiple organizations, including the NAACP (which was structured in partnership with Fair Test) and in leading workshops on democratic schools and classroom environments for the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Ricardo is scheduled to speak at the United Opt-Out conference to be held in Florida in January of 2015.

becky_smith_-_Outlook_Web_AppApart from educational activism and organizing, he is also active in the resistance movement against the building of a nuclear power plant in the city of Brockton, MA and has written a new book featuring a chapter/dialogue with SOS’s Ceresta Smith and Becky Smith on the resistance against high-stakes testing. The book is titled: Capitalism’s Educational Catastrophe and the Advancing Endgame Revolt! It also features a dialogue with Noam Chomsky and essays covering the corporate agenda’s assault in education in South America and West Africa. The book’s is scheduled to be released in February 2015 out of Peter Lang Publishers.