Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner – from CT to D.C.

Jesse’s path to Washington, D.C for 2015

One Man Walking in the Name of Love

Ring every bell,
Shout from every hamlet, village and town corner,
Bang every drum in every city,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner, AKA the Walking Man, is going to tell it from the mountaintop,
Ain’t nobody gonna turn me around,
Ain’t no Secretary Arne Duncan gonna turn me around,
I am gonna keep on talking,
Keep on Walking to that house of pain,
That United States Department of Education,
Ain’t no one gonna turn me around,
I am One Man Walking To DC In The Name Of Love,
~ Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner

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The Walking Man in 2011
The Walking Man in 2011

400 Miles in 42 Days

Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner is walking from Connecticut to Washington D.C. this summer to protest the education malpractice that is demoralizing parents and teachers, and turning our children into human capital. He is a professor of literacy and everything he knows professionally informs him that what is happening to our children in the name of education reform is child abuse. This walk is a grassroots campaign to connect the dots across states and bring awareness to the testing abuse that is demoralizing children and their teachers. Jesse will hold Walking Man Events along the way in people’s homes, libraries, coffee shops, churches, and on street corners, to gather evidence from parents, students, and teachers.

Listen to Jesse’s official kick off on James Avington Miller Jr.’s radio show, The War Report on Public Education.

Depart:  Pomfret, CT on June 11th
Arrive:  Washington, D.C. on July 24th for the BATs Teacher Congress and the SOS mock trial: The People vs. Corporate Reform

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Jesse is working with his state liaisons on “Connecting The Dots ” stops in the following places. The Walking Man “Connecting The Dots” evening events are local events that are within driving distance of my walking route. These are flexible, informal, or formal events with either a couple of people or up to 25 or more people. They are being arranged by Walk state coordinators, or you can send Jesse an email to organize a meeting with the Walking Man on his way to D.C. Current anticipated stops thus far:

Promfret, Storrs, Willimantic, Manchester, Hartford, New Britain, Danbury, New Haven, & Bridgeport

New York:
Bronx, Midtown, & Long Island

New Jersey:
Jersey City, Newark, Trenton, Cherry Hill, & Camden

Columbia, Glenn Bernie, Colombia, & Baltimore

Washington, D.C.:
BATs Congress at the Holiday Inn & Bus Boys and Poets

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Take a stand, no matter how small.

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  • Follow Jesse on Facebook!STOP_fan_pdf__page_1_of_2_
  • Walk with Jesse – Be one of the many parents, students, teachers, and activists who join Jesse to show their support for public education. Walk with him for an hour, or walk with him for a week! Arrange a local cheering squad for Jesse or a press conference as he passes through your town. Send Jesse an email to organize a meeting with the Walking Man on his way to D.C. Download Jesse’s Walking Man Toolkit and this flyer to help publicize or plan an event around his walk.
  • Write a Dear Walking Man Letter – Jesse will be doing daily podcasts and press appearances on his way to D.C., and he wants to share your letters.
    “Some parents, students, and teachers contacted me and said they want a way of participating even if they do not live on my walking route. They explained that if they cannot travel to Washington D.C., they want to be with me in spirit. Becca Ritchie and some Washington state teachers suggested writing letters to me. She said, “What about 40 letters for 40 nights. This way you’ll have something to every night after you are all done walking and talking to the people you meet.” I loved her idea so much that I decided to ask students, parents, and teachers to write me Walking Man Letters to read and respond to on a daily Walking Man Podcast.  Something deep inside me tells me such letters would inspire not only me, but many others. Inspire me to walk, and inspire parents, students, and teachers to stand up against this madness that turns our children and their teachers into test scores. Please consider sharing you story.” ~ Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner
    Students, teachers, and parents — Tell Jesse about the changes you have seen in your local schools since No Child Left Behind was signed in 2002. Write a poem or a story about what you wish your school looked like. Send your letters here!
  • Raise funds – The cost of Jesse’s walk is estimated $6000.00. He is contributing $3000 of his own money to the walk, but he needs to raise $3000 dollars to cover the other half.

Donate to help get “The Walking Man” to D.C.!