It’s Time to March Again ~ July 8-10!


Save Our Schools: Coalition for Action
March, Rally, & Conference
July 8-10, 2016

Many thousands of us gathered on July of 2011 for the Save Our Schools March and Call to Action. We assembled to state our grievances about the state of public education and to share our visions for the future. In that moment, we were the canaries in the coalmine – sickened by an unresponsive political process and its dehumanizing policies. We became the impetus for change, and we took to the streets in solidarity to make it clear:
We who believe in freedom cannot rest,
We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.
~ Ella Baker
In 2011 we nurtured, supported, and committed to each other and to our children. We have not rested since. We have organized demonstrations, sit-ins, and strikes. We have resisted, written, called, tweeted, blogged, posted and re-posted, sang, spoken, and opted out of high-stakes testing all in our collective struggle for humane public schools and policies.
Coalitions are building and the movement is growing. We are parents and teachers, students and seniors, scholars and community organizers, urban and rural, immigrants and native-born, gay and straight, black, brown, and white realizing that more than ever, we have a common narrative based on democracy, the human right to education and economic and social justice that goes beyond our organizational silos, as important as those silos may be…
It is time to celebrate five years of common struggle and the growth that we have wrought. It is time to march again!!!
SOS, BATs, UOO, NPE, NCUEA, CELT, NEA BAT Caucus, and The Opt Out Florida Network are working with numerous organizations to build a broad coalition of like-minded people – from all walks of life and with diverse causes – to speak and march in solidarity July 8-10 in Washington D.C.  It is an election year, and there can be no better time to show our government and our fellow citizens, “This is what democracy looks like!”

We demand:

» Full, equitable funding for all public schools!

  • Full, equitable* funding for all public schools, Pre-K-16
  • End public school closures and private/corporate takeovers and turnarounds
  • Fully funded family and community support services
  • Fully funded school and neighborhood libraries
  • No private investment schemes for public education

» Safe, racially just schools and communities!

  • End the school-to-prison pipeline, zero tolerance.
  • Socially just school discipline policies and restorative justice practices
  • Safe, secure and environmentally healthy communities
  • Full employment, livable wages, and free healthcare for all
  • Human, civil and social rights for all immigrant/refugee families
  • Safe, fair and just policing in every community

» Community leadership in public school policies!

  • Meaningful community involvement in neighborhood school decisions
  • End corporate influence over public school laws and policies
  • Funding for family-school partnerships
  • Community input into curriculum and assessment policies
  • Democratically elected school boards

» Professional, diverse educators for all students!

  • Professional educators from accredited teacher preparation programs
  • No private fast-track teacher licensure programs
  • The right to union membership for all education workers
  • Full funding to recruit, prepare, and retain teachers of color
  • End discriminatory exams for professional certification programs

» Child-centered, culturally appropriate curriculum for all!

  • Multicultural and multilingual programs for all students
  • Well-rounded curriculum that includes art, music, physical education, and technology
  • Full funding for support staff and services for special needs students
  • Inclusion of community/indigenous knowledge, experience and histories
  • Class sizes that foster caring, democratic classrooms

» No high-stakes standardized testing!

  • End test-based teacher evaluation policies
  • Educator control over assessments that guide instruction
  • Parental right to opt-out of standardized testing
  • No use of children’s test scores to evaluate educator preparation programs
  • End test-based public school closures
Details are developing each day on this massive event, so contact us, join us, support us, and sign up for email updates!
In solidarity,
The Save Our Schools: Coalition for Action Committee
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*Equitable means all of the resources needed for schools full functioning to meet the educational and community involvement requirements of a “school as nexus of a healthy, vital neighborhood