Our organization is made up of educators, parents, students, and concerned citizens.
We came together in 2010 with a common goal, and we are still marching today through grassroots actions, campaigns, and outreach.
 Join the march!

Why March?

Getting to this point has been a long journey.  For the last few years, thousands of teachers and parents have been calling for action against No Child Left Behind, and more recently, Race to the Top.  Teachers, students, and parents across the country have staged protests, started blogs, written editorials, and called and written to the White House and the federal Department of Education to resist the disruption and destruction of their schools.

Numerous efforts have been made to get federal education officials to listen to usthe teachers, parents and students who experience the effects of these policies every day – because we know that NCLB is not working.  Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, schools have experienced unprecedented levels of stress and pressure as educators have narrowed curriculum, decreased the time spent on actual instruction, and even resorted to “gaming the system” and cheating in order to meet the law’s stringent testing requirements.  The quality of instruction has suffered as the emphasis on rewards and sanctions based on test scores has increased.

And, contrary to his campaign trail rhetoric, the Obama administration’s Race to the Top program continues to emphasize the worst aspects of No Child Left Behind.  Furthermore, by requiring states to implement unproven “reforms” and compete for Title I funds, the current policy destroys the original intent of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act: equalizing educational opportunities for all by supplementing the resources and funds available to our nation’s neediest students and schools.  It is a disheartening fact that in the wake of all these policies, our nation’s black and brown students and our poor are more segregated now than they have been since the 1960’s.

Unfortunately, it has been almost impossible to make our voices heard.  Though we have the knowledge, the expertise, and the relationships with students that make education possible, teachers, parents, and students themselves have been shut out of the school reform discussion.

We are done waiting quietly…

As teachers, parents, and concerned community members, we urgently need better schools.  We also know that the improvement we seek will never be realized without our input.  For our children’s sake, we are organizing to reclaim our right to determine how our children will be educated.  For our future’s sake, we are organizing to revitalize an education system that, for too many children, focuses more on test preparation than actual education.  We stand strong in support of a humane, empowering education for every child in America.