Save our schools is dedicated to public education as the cornerstone of a democratic society. we are committed to education policy & actions that allow students, teachers, families & communities to work together to meet the needs of all children.

On the March to Save and Transform Public Schools…


SOSers have been busy since our inception in 2010, and our work continues to span across the country. Below are some of the events we have planned and some in which we have taken and active part.


  • March on Washington – 6000 people support public education & march on White House demanding equity in funding, and local control. Read Diane Ravitch’s reflection on the march and conference. See video footage here.SOS panoramic


  • The People’s Education Convention – A national conference to craft education policy platform on curriculum, parent and community involvement, civil rights, and teachers’ unions and collective bargaining
  • Teacher Appreciation Week 2012 – provide ways for parents, community, and taxpayers to support public education though activism



2015Rally against Cuomo3-28-15


Marching Onward…