Save Our Schools: A National Call to

Election 2013 – 2015 Update

Save Our Schools 2013 -2015 Election Process Began With…

We Wish to Announce the Steering Committee Election 2013

Dear Save Our Schools Supporters…

Save Our Schools is moving forward in developing strategies that ensure grassroots voices are heard in the education conversation. Issues such as testing, privatization, and school funding are our primary concerns.

To facilitate this process the SOS membership will nominate and elect a new National Steering Committee. The process consists of three phases. [The chronology is offered below this important note.]

If you wish to be part of the process please consider, SOS needs to be able to communicate with you as an individual person. The dilemma is that when people see and respond to our Election message through social media sources, their submissions arrive anonymously. Thus, Save Our Schools cannot know who these individuals are and cannot write back. We yearn to be responsive, to expand the conversation; we care! Therefore, we ask those who want to engage, please register for our Save Our Schools E-News.

To receive The Save Our Schools News Please register.

First all eligible members who wish to vote for the Steering Committee are invited to submit a Membership Confirmation & Voter Eligibility Survey via a email. Anyone who is interested in taking part in the election process will need to complete this survey by the specified deadline, November 12th.

Each member will then receive an email confirmation. Voter eligibility will be assessed.

Second, once the confirmation process is complete, the Steering Committee nomination process will begin. All active members are encouraged to take a leadership role in Save Our Schools by nominating themselves and asking others to do so.

Any person who is interested in serving on the Steering Committee will need to complete and submit a Steering Committee Commitment & Nomination Form by the specified deadline. As outlined, nominees are asked to include a statement of strengths and talents, identify their current roles in SOS, and specify which positions on the Steering Committee, if elected, he or she would wish to fill.

* Please note that all nominees must be eligible voting members of SOS. Candidates must be willing to commit to serve on the Steering Committee for two-years.

Third, once the nominations are in, the Save Our Schools membership will be able to review the applicants’ biographies at the SOS website []

All eligible voters will receive ballot access via email. Votes will be cast online.

The Steering Committee election results will be posted to the SOS website.

Click on this link to access the Membership Confirmation & Voter Eligibility Survey for your immediate use

* SOS is applying for 501c3 status so as to be eligible for grants and allow for fuller involvement in our mission.