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I am a lifelong educator with a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.As a member of the organizing committee for Save Our School I chaired the Fundraising committee that successfully raised more than $120,000. The funding was achieved by leading a collaborative effort, with the full executive committee, and the broad Save Our Schools community.I have an enduring belief in excellence in education. My passion is focused on how well we work with the Whole Child. As a kindergarten- through university-level instructor, I have acted upon the essential principle “people, at any age, are scholars.” It is vital that we nurture and nourish the innate desire to learn, grow, and glow.Having seen, how reliance on standardized testing and teaching to the test destroy the natural desire to thrive, I actively worked to further awareness through the SOS March, Conference, and Congress My hope is to help create a broader conversation. Together, each of us can authentically play a part in reforming education. I am committed to bringing about the changes needed as a country to grant students, teachers, and parents, with all we need to truly achieve. I believe a grassroots movement engaging the whole community can best accomplish this. Save our schools can do this by creating collaborative relationships among people throughout this country.As a father, a grandfather and a live long activist I am committed to reclaiming free, high quality public education for all. A well-educated public is essential to our thriving as a people.
Skills Table
  • Educator: Current or Recent Teaching Position
  • Administrator: Current or Recent Administrative Position
  • Coalition Building: Networking with Non-Education Groups
  • Events Coordinator (State & Regional): Document, Publicize, Facilitate Output
  • Communications (Internal): Establish, Coordinate Information Among Committees
  • Fundraising: Coordination Outgoing Outreach
Biography *I am a lifelong educator. I began my teaching career with Kindergarten students. I taught grades three, four, seven and eight, as well as college level students. I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. Currently, I serve as National Director for Save Our Schools March.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I am the oldest of seven children. Perhaps, that is why I thought to enter education. As the eldest, I felt that I might be a model for my brothers and sisters. Coming from a large family, I understood the quality of a connection makes all the difference. I currently reside in Chicago Illinois. This central location allows for easy travel to all who mean much to me. I have a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren who live in Los Angeles, the city in which I once resided.

Consistent with my sense of Humanity, I began my activism during the Vietnam era as a Peace advocate. I am “officially” recognized as a Conscientious Objector. I have worked continuously to bring about the end of war as an option. I strive to achieve, and envision an Earth where we all will act to solve problems between human beings. [Indeed, I think this relates to the dynamics within a classroom. We work to unravel complexities that might cause problems.] Each Saturday I demonstrate for Peace. Upon reflection, the three tiers of my live are one. In classrooms, homes, and in the world, the same is true. When we honor the Whole Child or Adult , schools, societies and families are safe, sane, secure, or in accordance with this education Movement, “saved.”

I believe my career in education and commitment to end combat are one. The labor of love, teaching to the Whole Child is natural extension of my Peace activism. The two, in tandem, took me into Save Our Schools March and Call to Action. Once there I saw a need; funds, coupled with strong feelings, would ensure the ultimate success of a Movement. Thus, as I have throughout my life, I embraced the dual-cause. I served as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the Save Our Schools March and Call to Action. While many might say the March, the Conference, and the Congress were a great success, I believe the work is not done. The endeavor to realize a dream remains with me. With enthusiasm I wish to continue the effort to Save Our Schools.

.Vision Statement*

My vision for Save Our Schools, while expansive, can be stated succinctly.  I wish to build on the broad momentum created during the year-long effort that gave birth to a Rally and March in Washington DC on July 30th 2011. 

I envision an organization that coordinates with regional grassroots groups, supports their efforts, and shares best practices.  At the same time, I believe Save Our Schools; The Movement cannot be separate from pedagogy, parenting, policy and politics.  All are inextricably intertwined.

In order to establish a connection between community and the Save Our Schools cause, research must be made more real for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, the childless and Politicians.  To merely document School reforms, those characterized as “successful” or “failures,” is not enough.  We must act on evidence if we re to achieve Democratic Community Learning Centers. More importantly, I believe, we must remind “mature minds” of what it means to be a child and find joy in learning.

Perhaps, if people remember what school was like for them as a child, parents and Politicians will realize the errors of their testing ways.  As we, within Save Our Schools know well, a Teacher, tot, or teen evaluated, rewarded or punished based solely on a test score, will not soar.

I think it vital that, together; we work to ensure that practices adopted bring about educational benefits for the students, parents and teachers.  Each is engaged in America’s Public Schools or will be if doors are open wide, and what is inside welcomes one and all.  

With me on the Executive Committee, I trust we will actively publicize and advocate for reforms that our research shows authentically work.  I know I will.  I also believe I can help build the momentum.  I have in the past.  My commitment has not waned. Indeed, it intensifies each day.

At a national level, I trust Save Our Schools will undertake actions. This means we must reach out to those not intimately involved in education.  Parents and pupils are the best preachers.  Politicians and policymakers listen to Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and their progeny.

I believe a Second and Third Annual March and Rally in Washington DC would be essential, as well as regionally planned and supported efforts to rally parents, students and teachers. 

 Our most recent Conference, Rally, and March, showed us as individuals that the intensity of a steadfastness grows when support is seen, heard, and felt, at least this is true for me.

Active cross pollination and collaboration with Parent’s groups, Unions, schools of Education and ad hoc groups such as Occupy Wall Street would be fostered and facilitated if Save Our Schools spoke to more than Educators.  Mothers and fathers are already intimately involved in education, their offspring, more so.  I see Save Our Schools, The Movement as an expression of the unity. We advocate for the Whole, Child, Community, and Country.

Drawing from the resources that are America, a Speakers Bureau of leading activists, such as Linda Darling-Hammond, Diane Ravitch, Deborah Meier and Jonathon Kozol would be created and supported.  Doctor and Congresswoman Judy Chu, might also address education as it relates to policy and politics.  There are many persons from every profession who might easily be part of an Association of Education Advocates.  I believe such an esteemed collective will bring the best of current thought to the broadest audiences.

Save Our Schools, in conjunction with other organizations who have an interest in children and schools, would support film screenings and discussions throughout the country Expanding the conversation advances awareness. Change comes when people know what is, what might be better, how and what they might create.

Our mission and complementary efforts will be to educate the American populace, energize it, and mobilize it to bring about meaningful reforms.  All that Save Our Schools does will assure Free Quality Public Education.  The vision is the mission, authentic quality education and the Save Our Schools Movement secured.

Professional/Volunteer Experiences

• Teacher, Kindergarten through College level [nine years of teaching experience]

• Teacher for severely emotionally disturbed children [two and one half years]

• Administer Title One services to “At-Risk” Students [fourteen years experience]

• Save Our Schools Fundraising Chairman

• Save Our Schools Executive Committee Member

• Peace Activist [since my youth]

• Father and Grandfather [delighted to be forever]

• Leader, Oak Park, Illinois Peace Corner

• Peace and Justice Volunteer, Illinois

• Save Our Schools Chicago Regional Group Activist and Member

• Senior Vice President Education Company committed to equal access quality education

4 thoughts on “Bob George

  1. Aligna

    Hi Bob, I am wondering what two goals should the steering committee make as soon as they meet? What two goals are the most important for garnering support from the masses? Thank you.

    • Bob George

      Aligna Thank you for your question
      The top priority for the steering committee I would focus on from the start are communication and coordination. We need to be a clearing house for information being shared about the reform movements many faceted reach throughout the United States. This would involve active outreach to and coordination with state and local activist organizations of like mind. Opt out and Occupy come to mind …
      To do this I believe we need to do an immediate search for a lead organizer to work full time creating connections, outreach and a vibrant communications process including social media as well as newsletters, blogs and active list serve process

  2. Jennifer Luznar

    What do you think? “Our children. Our schools. Our country. Our future.” I personally find it rather catchy and think it would be a good campaign in which America achieved national school reform.

    With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 many of us spent time thinking and reflecting. Although we have undergone many changes we’ve neglected the one I believe is so critical in preserving our America…making public education THE priority it ought to be. PLEASE consider how our schools in teaching young minds to think independently provide our country with the first line of defense against terrorism. WHY do so many Americans whine about paying school taxes and yet have no objections when it comes to our money funding Homeland Security? The sooner our attitude towards public education becomes one in which WE ALL EXPECT RESPECT from both our schools and our own selves, the sooner public education can continue contributing to our safety so America remains forever strong! Since our future welfare is depending on us organizing and becoming vocal, PLEASE help E Cubed Alliance’s Facebook page grOW. I know this is purely a gut feeling but when we ALL unite on making education America’s TOP priority I’m absolutely positive GREAT things shall happen for our nation!

    E Cubed Alliance on Facebook.

  3. rakesh das

    hi bob,
    I am writing to you from India. I have created an Education System which will achieve the results that NCLB ACT wants. With this system I will achieve what NCLB act wants also what the Save our Schools want — best education possible for all the kids— I came to know about IES, USA the research organisation which gives projects to prove these kind of research. But I want to do it as a contract. FIrst all the results required be discussed and settled, time frame , place of implementation, duration and the contract amount. How Can I propose this to the US Govt

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