SOS Steering Committee 2013 – 2015 Vision Statement

Bob George – Chicago, Illinois

1) I want to serve on the Steering Committee because I believe that this work is crucial to the future of our democracy. High quality, equitably funded public schools are the bedrock of a well-educated populace. People who can think creatively and independently, who have developed critical minds, and learned empathy are essential. To ensure that all of our nations youth have an opportunity to be such people, we must establish this as our goal. To accomplish this mission we must be inclusive. Every child and each parent must be granted equal access to excellent schools. As a democratic nation, we cannot do as we have done since our founding; that is allow only the affluent the freedom to “choose” the best schools for their offspring. Regardless of the color of the child’s skin, or the dollars generated in their home, all deserve a high quality education. Those whose Abilities are challenged too merit equal education. I serve to create, preserve and transform Public Education, and to make public schools the vital center of our citizenry.

2) My background and experience make me uniquely qualified to provide active leadership in moving the principles of Save Our School forward. I have worked effectively energetically, enthusiastically, and continuously to further Save Our Schools since November 2010. I know how to bring people together to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. This is my strength. I can and will nurture the growth of Save Our Schools.

3) My vision for Save Our Schools is expansive. I believe we can and will grow our organization broadly and inclusively. SOS will be a big tent affiliation of grassroots activists. I see Save Our Schools as a group that reaches out to and embraces parents, students, local communities, teachers and others. We will endorse and assist each in their endeavors to diligently build high quality, equitable, public education. Save Our Schools will do this by collaboratively working with local groups and support their efforts to create vibrant public schools, ones that work well for all our children. Together we will give birth to a system that establishes schools whose policies and curriculum are shaped by the diverse voices within classrooms, families, communities and national educators all of whom understand and yearn to meet the needs of all children and their communities.