SOS Steering Committee 2013 – 2015 Vision Statement5

Rick Meyer- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Reasons for Wanting to Serve. My main reason is my commitment to our demands; they are strong, powerful and still very relevant. We lost huge momentum the last 18 months and, honestly, I find that tragic. I mourn the work we did that seems so apart from what is happening now. With a new group, new energy and a greater focus, we can move forward. I want to be part of that. If you know my work from 2011’s happenings, you know my commitment and energy rooted in the success of and hope for success of our work. SOS has lost some vision and the CCSS has contributed to that loss. We have not taken a firm stand on CCSS and we need to face what we wish to do with that. The impending assessments are saturated with the potential to do not only continued but increased harm to our children, teachers, and public schools. I continue to see our work as centered on the cultivation and enhancement of public schools as a vehicle for creating a public that matters, is informed, acts, and works towards a vision of democracy that does not exclude or marginalize anyone. Our work is about ending the ‘othering’ that drives many other movements. We are about coalitioning, as a verb, meaning ongoing and sustained actions to bring people together.

My Contributions.. Taking the vision, above, and moving it to some fruition is what I want to contribute to SOS. Contributions means, at its essence, taking a vision and developing vehicles to bring that vision to reality. My organizational and organizing skills, my commitment to multiple voices being heard, the importance I place in reaching consensus, and the deep trust I have in the spirit of teachers and their curious and dedicated students are strengths that will help SOS to reach our goals. I’m a team player and love the challenge of massaging a group of intense and passionate people to reach common ground for the sake of our public school system, our children, and the future of a democratic way of thinking, living, being, and acting.

My Vision for SOS.. SOS was and is a huge potential. No other organization in recent history has brought together a group that coalesced around common ideas, dreams, beliefs, and actions for the sake of the children, teachers, families, and communities of our country. My vision includes the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised. It includes the voices of children, women, members of diverse groups, and the many silenced who have quietly witnessed the demoralization and decay of reflective and advocative teachers, children, families, and communities. SOS can help bring schools back into the center of their communities, as places in which thinking and actions are birthed for the good of all, with no special interest groups being served at the sacrifice or loss of any others.