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Save Our Schools [SOS] is a group of educators and activists who came together in 2010 with a common goal, to rally round real education reform and to March on our nation’s Capitol. That goal was realized in July 2011 when we met in conference, and held a massive demonstration and rally in Washington, DC. We spoke out against the attacks on public education and public school teachers. Thousands of educators and allies gathered together for what was just the beginning.

Late in 2011, after our first convention, SOS reorganized into a bona fide national organization, complete with elected leadership. The newer Steering Committee, as well as the former remained true to the Four Principles that guided our early work. As the Save Our Schools Movement progresses the Principles live on.

Nationwide, many endorse Save Our Schools and the organization as a whole. We have become a well-established entity, a force to be reckoned with in our quest to Preserve and Transform Public Education.

Today, and everyday, in every way, we call on all other groups and individuals, educators, parents, students and community activists to join us in the struggle to save our public schools and ensure a better and equal education for all. Never has there been a greater need for unity. Teachers and their unions are being blamed for the failings of the system. A mania for testing is driving curriculum, instruction, and funding. There is a concerted, well-financed effort to privatize all of public education.

Public schools and teachers are being evaluated and punished on the basis of their students’ standardized test scores. Neighborhood schools, which are the most valuable assets in under-resourced communities, are being closed and replaced with privately-run charter schools. National standards, curriculum, and testing regimen are being imposed top-down by corporate-style reformers and the Department of Education to the detriment of children learning.

Our response was and will be to help organize a national resistance, a broad-tent movement where all voices can be heard and where decisions can be made democratically. That was the operational idea behind our National People’s Platform Convention 2012 in D.C.

A broad range of groups and individuals shaped proposals and platform planks that will help to re-frame the whole national narrative around education so people will know there is another perspective behind what they see in much of the media.

With your participation and efforts we will build a unified force. Differences can move us forward. We invite all those who care about public education, and are willing to stand up and be heard, to join us.