Petition: Support of Garfield Teachers and their refusal to administer MAP tests.

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Petition: New York End High Stakes Testing

By :carolcorbettburris, December 29, 2012

We, the undersigned, support higher standards that are reasonably designed, implemented with care, and accompanied by the resources schools need to achieve them. The New York State testing program has undermined the implementation of higher standards, by creating a test-driven environment that does not serve our children well. High stakes testing continues to waste precious taxpayer dollars and student learning time. It is time to say, “no more”.

Petition to Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to End High Stakes Testing

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Petition: Displaced students deserve the best busing

We the undersigned are alarmed by the November 7th executive order from the governor (Temporary Suspension and Modification of Statutory Provisions Relating to the Transportation of School Children in the City of New York) to drop the regulations on what qualifies a driver to be a school bus driver and what qualifies a vehicle to be used for school transportation “until further notice”.

We believe that rather than lowering the safety standards on bus rides for students whose schools have been relocated due to hurricane damage, school districts must hire from the lists of already trained and screened drivers and escorts who are available now, and use Disaster funding to obtain properly equipped and recognizable school buses.

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