Won’t Back Down: The Movie. The Message. Mass Appeal or…?

“Won’t Back Down;” The People Respond
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Won’t Back Down; The Film is meant to move moms and dads, who are disillusioned with their child’s education. Parents are presented with a means to turn-around their offspring’s schools, Parent Empowerment and Parent Trigger Laws. Audiences are told that a factious tale is based on a real-life story. Two determined mothers, one a deeply committed teacher join forces and triumphantly take0ver a failing school.

Through this well-crafted cinematic production, mothers and fathers learn that of they have the will, there is a way to beat the system…to privatize a public school. The Producers and Sponsors of Won’t Back Down most assuredly hope people will leave feeling empowered, ready, willing and able to take the reigns…to rid their schools of what the film characterizes as bad Teachers, or as the movie portrays, those Unionized Educators.

People who have seen the film offer their views in essays. Save Our Schools shares the wrings for your review.