Save Our Schools: A National Call to Action

Dear CBS,

On Friday, August 17th, you will air (aired) “Teachers Rock 2012” a “star studded concert promoted as a celebration of teachers and education.” While I, as a member of Save Our Schools, welcome media events that honor teachers, I believe that this concert and special WILL NOT benefit the teaching profession or public education. First, proceeds from the special will, in part, benefit Teach for America, an organization that sends underprepared, temporary “teachers” into our most needy, poverty stricken public schools, displaces career professionals, and pumps non-union staff into private charter schools.

Second, the sponsors of “Teachers Rock 2012,” Walmart and Walden Media, will use it to publicize the upcoming movie “Won’t Back Down,” an emotionally charged and manipulative account of a fictional event that will be used to whip up public support for passage of a “Parent Trigger Law” in every state. I support Save Our Schools, along with Parents Across America, who have publicly opposed this law that supposedly promotes parent empowerment, but is really a thinly veiled scheme to hasten the takeover of public schools by private charters.

Walden Media brought us the 2010 film, Waiting for Superman, which demonized unions and promoted private charter schools. The Walton Family Foundation, owners of co-sponsor Walmart, has given over $159 million in support of charter schools and vouchers and is one of the most anti-union corporations in America. (Walmart has also given $50 million to Teach for America.)

We ask CBS work with us to truly inform our local communities, other media, elected officials, parent groups, and fellow teachers about the failures of Teach for America and the need for well-prepared, certified, career professionals in our classrooms. I am very willing to speak to you further in this regard or you may contact (Please insert your name if you want to be the local contact or you may use -) Lee Barrios985-789-8304 or Bonnie Northrop Nesbitt (703) 536-2497, our Save Our Schools National contacts. Also, for more information, please visit our website at