Save Our Schools CTU Support Resolution

Consistent with the Save Our Schools Guiding Principles.

  • Equitable funding across all public schools and school system
  • An end to high stakes testing used for the purpose of student, teacher, and school evaluation
  • Teacher, family and community leadership in forming public education policies
  • Curriculum developed for and by local school communities

and Whereas all students deserve the right to a quality public education in their neighborhood school, and

Whereas all students deserve smaller class sizes to receive adequate attention from teachers, and

Whereas all students deserve access to a broad and diverse curriculum that includes art, world languages, computer literacy, and physical education, and

Whereas all students deserve support including fully-staffed libraries in all schools, access to social workers, school nurses, therapists and psychologists, and

Whereas teachers deserve to be adequately compensated for their work, and

Whereas the revenue necessary to fund a quality public education can be substantially realized by reallocating resources that go to mostly non-union Charter schools and the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, both of which currently siphon revenue from public schools, and

Whereas teachers deserve protection against arbitrary dismissal and a fair recall procedure so that the talents and expertise of experienced teachers can be put to the best use serving the students of Chicago, and

Whereas the Chicago Board of Education, among other concessions, is demanding “merit pay” for teachers based on student test scores, despite a consensus among researchers that such scores to not reliably measure a teacher’s ability, and

Whereas the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is standing up for the children of Chicago and for all public employees and unions in this time of budget cutting and union busting, and

Be it resolved that Save Our Schools supports the Chicago Teachers Union in its fight to negotiate a contract that addresses all of these issues with the Chicago Board of Education.

Be it resolved that Save Our Schools contributes a sum of $1,000 to the strike fund of CTU.

Be it resolved that Save Our Schools urge its State organizations to adopt a similar resolution.

Be it resolved that Save Our Schools endorses local solidarity events in support of the CTU.

Be it resolved that Save Our Schools communicates such support to its members, including asking them to sign petitions and communicate their support for CTU and its demands to the Chicago Board of Education and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Save Our Schools Steering Committee
Lee Barrios, Ruth Rodriquez-Fay, Bob George, Dr Elizabeth Hallmark, Sherick Hughes, Deborah Meier, Becca Ritchie, Ceresta Smith, Jesse Turner, Raynard Sanders, Jose L. Vilson

Please consider the Chicago Teachers Union stance, Schools Our Students Deserve.

  • REDUCE CLASS SIZE – The mayor has threatened to put as many as 55 children in one classroom!
  • PROVIDE SOCIAL SERVICES CHILDREN NEED – The school board refuses to hire more social workers, nurses and other clinicians at a time when youth violence is skyrocketing.
  • INVEST IN ALL SCHOOLS – The school board denies funds to schools in low-income neighborhoods. Our students need equal access to high-quality learning opportunities in every neighborhood school!
  • SUPPORT TEACHERS AS PROFESSIONALS – The school board so far refuses to give your school’s teachers, paraprofessionals, and others a fair contract.
  • STOP CHARTER EXPANSIONS, turn-arounds, and school closings.

Tell Chicago’s mayor and the Chicago Board of Education to make our students a priority. They must invest in high quality school facilities, staff, and resources for all students. Join us in our fight to win a fair contract and to move our schools forward.

Tell Mayor Emanuel and CEO Brizard that you stand with us! Demand smaller classes, a better school day, and a fair contract!
Mayor Emanuel at 312-744-3300
CEO Brizard at 773-553-1500

Please Peruse, Print, and Pass this flyer around. Parents and Teachers Unite For Better Schools

Consider a bit of background. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis shares the research and how parents feel about how their children’s education.

April 10 Press Conference responding to Mayor Emanuel’s Longer School Day announcement from Chicago Teachers Union on Vimeo.

Throughout the land, people understand that we must Rally to Support Chicago Teachers Union and the Fight for a Fair Contract. Together, let us show the Board that we are united for a fair contract!