Support Does Not Wane

Originally posted September 4, 2012

Save Our Schools Supports the Chicago Teachers Union

Rally to Support Chicago Teachers Union and the Fight for a Fair Contracts Please either Show Up on Monday, September 10th at 3:30pm at CPS Headquarters 125 S. Clark Street or if you choose, Register your support through Facebook.

SOS is initiating this ACTION nationwide, in response to what occurs, and is likely to take place in Chicago again. This Monday, September 10, 2012 teachers will rally. The reason, educators have been denied their right to a fair contract. The same is true for teachers throughout the country. What this means is our children are denied their human right to a quality education. Often, as is true in Chicago, teachers’ pay is only one of issues.

In Chicago,, support for education and educators is strong. Texas parents too are concerned and stand with Chicago teachers, In Canada, New York, and yes, even on the streets of Chicago, Moms, Dad, and the children, students who feel the pain their teachers have taken to the streets to say, “I trust Educators with my children’s education…Not politicians and not corporations.”

Little ones and older persons understand that a fair contract means much more than most might think. The Chicago Teachers Union, parents and the children who educators have chosen to serve, want Americans countrywide to know, there’s a great deal of work to do to create the Schools Our Students Deserve. That includes:

  • REDUCE CLASS SIZE – The mayor has threatened to put as many as 55 children in one classroom!
  • PROVIDE SOCIAL SERVICES CHILDREN NEED – The school board refuses to hire more social workers, nurses and other clinicians at a time when youth violence is skyrocketing.
  • INVEST IN ALL SCHOOLS – The school board denies funds to schools in low-income neighborhoods. Our students need equal access to high-quality learning opportunities in every neighborhood school!
  • SUPPORT TEACHERS AS PROFESSIONALS – The school board so far refuses to give your school’s teachers, paraprofessionals, and others a fair contract.
  • STOP CHARTER EXPANSIONS, turn-arounds, and school closings.

Tell Chicago’s mayor and the Chicago Board of Education to make our students a priority. They must invest in high quality school facilities, staff, and resources for all students. Join us in our fight to win a fair contract and to move our schools forward.

Tell Mayor Emanuel and CEO Brizard that you stand with us! Demand smaller classes, a better school day, and a fair contract!
Mayor Emanuel at 312-744-3300
CEO Brizard at 773-553-1500

Please Peruse, Print, and Pass this flyer around. Parents and Teachers Unite For Better Schools

Consider a bit of background. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis shares the research and how parents feel about how their children’s education.

April 10 Press Conference responding to Mayor Emanuel’s Longer School Day announcement from Chicago Teachers Union on Vimeo.

Throughout the land, people understand that we must Rally to Support Chicago Teachers Union and the Fight for a Fair Contract. Together, let us show the Board that we are united for a fair contract! If you are physically able, please join the people who support public education….
Monday, September 10th at 3:30pm.
We will stand as one at…
CPS Headquarters 125 S. Clark Street

If you are unable to attend, there are other things you might do…
1. Take a picture of friends, family, colleagues and/or you wearing red. Send it to the Adam Heenan of the CTU.

2. Show solidarity by wearing red on Sept. 10th, 2012, the first day of the strike. Please join the Facebook page “Wear Red in Solidarity with Chicago Teachers on September 10th” and post your pictures.

3. Send letters of support to the Chicago Teachers Union.

4. Talk to friends and colleagues about the strike. Illuminate the important issues for which the teachers are fighting.

A. Create smaller class sizes.

B. Bring back the arts, P.E., music, libraries and librarians to the school day.

C. Prevent the elimination of collective bargaining.

D. Receive fair pay for extending the workday and the school year.

E. End the high stakes testing movement in CPS. Abolish teachers’ evaluations from being tied to standardized test scores.

F. Prevent merit pay.

G. Bring dignity back to the teaching profession and teacher voice into education policies.

H. Create the best possible schools and opportunities for children of Chicago.

I. Impede the for profit charter movement and thwart the closing of 250 schools.

5. Contact old friends and acquaintances in Chicago and discuss the issues around the strike and elicit their support.

6. Write in blogs, op eds., and speak in front of a camera if possible in support for the CTU. Make a one-minute video and post it on your face book page.

7. Post information about the CTU strike in your teacher’s lounge or your organization’s community board.

8. Share information about Chicago’s teachers’ struggles at a staff or union meeting. Ask for your union to sign a letter of solidarity to the CTU.

9. Donate funds to the strike.

Chicago Teachers’ Union – Solidarity Fund
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 400
Chicago IL 60654

Save Our Schools and Supporters of Quality Public Education for All you for all that you do for our students, for your colleagues, for each other to help us build a stronger America. Thank you for your dedication to building strong and intelligent children and communities. May Chicago teachers change not only Chicago, but inspire change throughout school districts around the country.