January 29th 2013 Department of Education Civil Rights Division Hearing on Civil Rights
The Topic: The Impact Of Closing (Turnarounds, Phase-Outs, Restarts, Co-Locations) Of Neighborhood, Community Based Schools In 18 Cities Across The United States

There are many injustices imposed upon the people. Policies might portend freedom, or a violation of human and civil rights, neither, either or each. Community public school closings are among the most recent. Subtle, as well as stark inequities give rise to reflections, which ultimately become actions.

This is what occurred and will continue to take place throughout the nation. A growing alliance of Grassroots, Community, Youth and Parent driven organizations joined hands in an expanded effort to “Seek A World Class Education For Every Child ••• In Their Neighborhoods.” Countless individuals and groups successfully petitioned the Department of Education in November 2012 to convene the upcoming Journey For Justice 2 hearing.

History teaches us that when we Journey For Justice peaceably progress comes. Please Join Us as we Journey For Justice once again. Together, we can change the conversation, preserve and transform public education for all. Let us end discrimination and disproportionality.

The Civil Rights Impact of School Closings, Turnarounds, Phase-outs and Co-locations inquiry will focus on “The ways in which these programs devastate communities of color will be studied at length.”

Statements from parents, community leaders, students and educators about the Civil Rights Impact of School Closings will address the adverse and detrimental effects of School Closings, turnarounds, co-locations and phase-outs on the black and brown students attending the effected schools.

A Candlelight vigil at Martin Luther King Memorial immediately following the Civil Rights hearing at the Department of Education will be held.

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