Downloadable Journey for Justice 2 Flyers

Journey For Justice 2 Flyer The Boys
Journey For Justice 2 Flyer One Girl [Blue]
Journey For Justice 2 Flyer One Girl [Red]
Journey For Justice 2 Flyer The Children

The Civil Rights Impact of School Closings, Turnarounds, Phase-outs and Co-locations inquiry will be held on January 29th. Through this Webinar, organizers, individuals who are Leaders in their Communities, Jitu, Zakiyah, and Karran, will discuss the upcoming Department of Education Civil Rights Division Hearing.

The topic: “The ways in which these programs devastate communities of color will be studied at length.”

Statements from parents, community leaders, students and educators will address the adverse and detrimental effects of School Closings, turnarounds, co-locations and phase-outs. Speakers will share their experiences of how the impact of these programs disproportionately affects our black and brown students. Please help us help a coalition of Grassroots Community, Youth and Parent driven organizations will travel by bus to testify, as their Journey For Justice predecessors did decades before them.
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