The following is not testimony given at the Department of Education Hearing on January 29th, 2013. The words scribed and shared are from those touched by the Journey For Justice 2 Alliance. The individuals who submit their story are “there” with the cause. “Lest we forget FIRST THEY CAME FOR…

Letter From Elizabeth Kunzier, Suburban Parent

To: Department of Education,
Elizabeth M. Williamson, Northeast Communications Director

My name is Elizabeth Kunzier and I participated in the Journey for Justice hearings yesterday at the Dept of Education. You gave me your business card on the way in and I am very grateful that you did.

I would love to explain to you why I was a participant. I’ll give you the short version: I represent the parents from Mattison Avenue Elementary school in the Wissahickon school district in Suburban Philadelphia. We have an open OCR with the DOE. Or school has been slated to close at the end of this school year.

We are one of the wealthiest school districts in Montgomery county PA. We are the only K-3 school in the district with the only Head Start program in the district. Our [The Mattison Avenue Elementary School’s] population falls 50% below the poverty line. We are the most diverse school in the district with approximately 1/3 Latino, 1/3 African American, and 1/3 white.

Our Latino community has never been communicated to in Spanish (until your office [The Department of Education] became involved); they were not even informed that the school was being recommend for closure. That is only the tip of the ice burg. My community has been insulted and publicly humiliated by some of the members of our school board of directors. While they follow the procedural law for the closure; they ignore an entire community.

I look forward to explaining the situation in more detail, and thank you for reaching out to me and to the other members who participated yesterday.

Elizabeth Wahl Kunzier

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