The People’s Principles for Public Education – 2012

Invitation to the People. Stand Strong for Public Education.

As one, we endeavor to compose a profoundly powerful platform of educational principles by which to guide an education reform movement that is truly in the interest of the people because it will be created by the people.

Our principles are simple and in line with the guidelines underlying every state constitutional provision that is commonly called the “education article.” The People’s Principles for Public Education will address and suggest resolutions to nine critical areas in public education. The principles will be composed democratically and through the virtual collaboration of citizens throughout the summer.

Therefore, we call upon the people to participate. We seek children, parents, grandparents, primary caregivers, teachers, teaching assistants, PTAs/PTOs, principals, assistant principals, administrative staff, superintendents, school bus drivers, maintenance staff, cafeteria workers, paraprofessionals, professors, researchers, and any concerned citizen who wishes to volunteer to represent the diverse range of school communities. If you want to commit to doing this work, please review the list of committees, choose the one you are interested in working on, and email us.

Civil Rights
Curriculum & Assessment
Early Childhood Education
Parent & Community Involvement
Organized Labor & Professional Organizations
Student Voice
Teacher Preparation, Development, & Evaluation

Please also consider joining us at the Save Our Schools Convention on August 3rd-5th. We will gather in Washington D.C. to affirm our principles, attend Teach-ins and Activism Workshops, and hear some of our nation’s strongest voices in the march to save and transform public schools. We look forward to hearing your voice!