The People’s Education Convention 2012 Reflections

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In August 2012 the people meet. The intent was to solidify a mission; what does it mean to be “On the March to Preserve and Transform Public Education”? Why do we believe our work is vital? What does Save Our Schools stand for and how might we best actively communicate our urgent concerns? There is no end to questions. Words are fine, but as we all learned early in life, actions speak louder.

Thus, through this page, we will share some of the “Actions” that occurred this August 3rd through the 5th. These will appear in the form of Blogs, Videos, PowerPoints, Audio Recordings, Photographs to mention just a few.

Materials distributed in Sessions will be linked through the specific Workshop, Panel, and Presentation pages. Principles as established and solidified will be shared on the Platform Pages.

For now, but a sprinkling appear. Several Speakers and Convention Goers have yet to return home. Many express a need to decompress. Others yearn to settle into a “normal” routine, or as many offered, come down from an emotional and energized high. More attendees find time is tight. They are already actively engaged in actions that never end, the struggle to Save Our Children, Their Schools, and Public Education for All.