People’s Education Photographic Reflections

This is but a bit of what will be the People’s Education Convention 2012 Album. More will follow in the next few days. We appreciate your patience. More so, what we saw, all that we experienced cannot be measured. Your active participation, energy, and enthusiasm…it is all phenomenal. Your eager efforts to Save Our Schools are invaluable. We thank you!

The Save Our Schools Steering Committee 2012

Deborah Meier; Democracy and Educations

Shanta Driver; Building the New Civil Rights Movement

Rose Sanders, The Uprising: United People Reclaiming Our Intellect and Nurturing Generations

Mike Klonsky Introduces Jonathan Kozol

Jonathan Kozol, Fire in the Ashes

Deborah Meier; Democracy and Educations

Jesse Turner Talks as he Walks

Barry Lane, Homage to Education

Deborah Meier and Nancy Carlsson Paige

Jesse Turner, Nancy Carlsson Paige, and Deborah Meier, Moved While Meeting

Border Crossers Session

Jaime -Jin Lewis and Natania Kremer, Border Crossers

Deb Meier Writes Nancy Carlsson Paige Reflects

Monty Neill and Bob Schaffer of FairTest

Barry Lynn, Americans United

Karran Harper Royal; Parents Across America

The UnTruths Corporate Reformers Tell You…Ruth Rodriguez Fay and Jesse Turner Moderate

Civil Rights Session; Sherick Hughes and Ceresta Smith

Labor and Professional Organizations and Teachers Unions; Mike Klonsky Moderates

Student Voices Session

Stan Karp and Helen Gym; Rethinking Schools

Governance Gathering, Ken Derstine, Susan DuFresne, Bob George, and Sherick Hughes