Workshop & Panel Presentations

The weekend of August 3 through 5th will include various actions workshops, collaborative think sessions, and panel discussions on a wide range of topics. Some of the sessions from which you will be able to choose are listed below. Adjustments to this list are now, only occasional. Nonetheless, for the most part this is the final program.

  • Opting Out of High Stakes Testing: Why & How. Described.
  • Becoming an Information Coordinator for Save Our Schools. Described.
  • Principle Writing Workshops. Described.
  • Raising Our Voices; How to Organize Effectively. Described.
  • Assessments – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • Organizing to Overhaul Testing and Accountability. Described.
  • Teacher’s Unions, Teachers’ Rights, Teachers’ Voices. Described.
  • Organizing – Student Voice for Advocacy. Described.
  • School Resegregation & Border Crossing in the Classroom. Described.
  • ELLs, Bilingual Education, & Battling Disproportionality in Schools
  • Naming Problems, Brainstorming Possibilities: NCLB/ESEA, Poverty, Race & Disproportionality. Described.
  • How [Some] African Americans & Civil Rights Leaders Got on the Wrong Side of the Ed. Reform. Described.
  • Privatizing Schools=Teaching Creationism, Demeaning Women, and Saying No To Sex Education. Described.
  • Rethinking Schools: Education Activism for Social Justice. Described.
  • Corporate Education Reforms Winners and Losers. Described.
  • What’s Wrong with No Child Left Behind and How You Can Lobby Congress to Overhaul It Now. Described
  • The Top Ten Lies Education Reformers Tell You. Described.
  • Why America’s Public Schools are the Best Places for Our Kids. Facts Every Citizen Should Know and Strategies For Disseminating Them. Described.
  • School Diversity: Building a Movement for Racial and Socioeconomic Integration. Described.

Please also consider a cinematic experience. The film Dying To Teach will be shown on Friday evening, after the keynote.

Please Join us to adopt a People’s Principles! Help us craft policy positions that reflect the will of the people on the most urgent issues facing public education. Let’s use this meeting as a chance to have our voices heard as this nation head towards November’s elections.

We expect hundreds of people from around the country. We welcome parents, pupils, people of all professions and persuasions. Please come to D.C. and assist us in crafting the message. Together we will adopt a progressive set of Principles [planks] to present to both parties in time for their upcoming conventions.


[Subscribers Fee $175.]
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You will be asked to complete a Registration Form as well provide billing information. We thank you for your participation and commitment to the Authentic Education Reform cause.

Additionally, if you choose, contribute to our Scholarship Fund. We hope to help bring student activists to the Convention. After all, who knows more about what the young need than our youth.