Talking About Race With K-5; Bridging Theory and Practice

Session Presenter: Jaime-Jin Lewisl
Session Type(s): Presentation
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Recent research has shown us that school desegregation and education equity policies are not effective alone. Teachers and school administration need conversational tools and practice speaking about issues of race, class, and cultural difference to effectively seize critically instructive moments with students. This workshop seeks to leverage the collective knowledge of the group to forefront, dissect and reframe the role of race in elementary classrooms. It is not a lecture or a presentation – participants will engage in interactive adult learning techniques to:

  • Discuss the role of race in our lives as a group,
  • Share personal experiences of critical moments with students,
  • Develop strategies for confidently and effectively entering into equity-centered conversations about race in the classroom, and
  • Practice using developmentally appropriate language and responses to comfortably handle even the toughest scenarios.

Session Speaker

Jaime-Jin Lewis

Jaime-Jin Lewis – Executive Director of Border Crossers

Jaime-Jin Lewis is the Executive Director of Border Crossers an education equity nonprofit that provides racial justice training and resources to elementary schools and teachers in New York City. She has worked as a committed activist, organizer and educator in the nonprofit sector for her entire adult life and in collaboration with many notable organizations, including the New York Restoration Project, Centro Conviven, The Piedmont Housing Alliance.

In 2011, Jaime-Jin and Border Crossers launched a “Talking About Race With K-5” initiative, which has already trained of over 85 educators from over 50 schools in New York City. Jaime-Jin was recently cited in the New York Times article, Why Don’t We Have Any White Kids” and the ColorLines article, ”Here Are Easy Ways to Have Tough Talks With Kids About Race.” This year, she will be presenting at the National Conference on School Diversity, the People’s Education Convention, and Facing Race 2012.
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