On the Wrong Side of the Ed. Reform?

Session Speaker: Karran Harper Royal
Session Type(s): Presentation
Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM
Room: Coolidge

This workshop will explore the strategies and tactics used by the corporate education reform advocates to sway some Minority community members to support their form of education reform.

We will explore the real civil rights violations that occur in districts faced with corporate education reform. Access to neighborhood schools of quality is but one of the serious issues of concern. When cities move from public education to what passes as such; communities change. Often citizens and Civil Rights Leaders are persuaded; children will be better served. How might this be?

The speaker, with audience participation, will explore everything from the impact of choice on children of color to the impact on communities confronted with the loss of middle class jobs.

Session Speaker

Karran Harper Royal

Karran Harper Royal – New Orleans, LouisianaKarran Harper Royal works as an Education Advocate in New Orleans. She is the Assistant Director of Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center. Her work at Pyramid involves providing one to one support to parents of children with disabilities and conducting workshops to help parents understand their rights under federal special education law. In addition to working with Pyramid, Mrs. Harper Royal is a founding member of Parents Across America, a contributor to Research on Reforms and is a consultant to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Mrs. Harper Royal is a tireless advocate for students with disabilities and has appeared in a number of broadcasts and publications related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and public education reform in New Orleans and is a member of several community groups. She is married with two sons Mrs. Harper Royal blogs at Education Talk New Orleans.

On Twitter…@KHRoyal

Karran Harper Royal. Save Our School Presentation
Karran Harper Royal, of Parents Across America spoke at the SOS People’s Education Convention. The subject…“How [Some] African Americans and Civil Rights Leaders Got it Wrong.”

And how an you tell if you’re on the wrong side of reform: Does the policy shut down open debate? Does it remove the democratic process? Do parents get to elect the charter board? Do the policymakers have to focus on a villain, in this case, teachers and unions as the bogeyman? Do they insist on closing schools rather than improving them? Do they impose on high stakes decision for children or teachers or schools? Do they talk about return on investment and are there billionaires pulling the strings? Do they focus on “school choice” over civil rights? These are signals that they are on the wrong side of education reform. And yet it’s easy to fall into the wrong side. Check out Karran’s brilliant analysis why. Thanks to Norm Scott for the video of the session.

Please view the slides shown at Karran Harper Royal’s session. March To Save Schools.

You may also be interested in an individual slide or the information on it. We cannot thank Karran enough for all that she shares and does.