The People’s Platform Writing Work and Workshops

Save Our Schools seeks children, parents, grandparents, primary caregivers, teachers, teaching assistants, Parent Teacher Associations/Parent Teacher Organizations, principals, assistant principals, administrative staff, superintendents, school bus drivers, maintenance staff, cafeteria workers, paraprofessionals, professors, researchers, and any concerned citizen who wishes to volunteer.

You represent the diverse range of persons with every school community. You are the power that is the embodiment the American people.

Please assist us; help compose The People’s Education Platform. The topics are many. Participate in the Wring Workshops you choose.

Join Us online before the SOS Convention. Attend the August 3 through 5th event in Washington D.C., and, or offer your views as we progress. Save Our Schools is committed and On the March to Preserve and Transform Public Education.

Our Children, Our Schools, and Our Democratic Society as a Whole rely on Our Voices!

Contribute to the Cause, the Conversation, and Be Heard. We thank you.