Session Presenter: Barry Lynn
Session Type(s): Presentation
Date: Friday, August 3, 2012
Time: 4:00 – 5:30 PM
Room: To Be Arranged

This workshop will examine how subsidies to private schools through vouchers or tax credits in fact corrupt quality education in science, history, and other aspects of a sound curriculum. It will also take a brief look at how charter schools–even though public entities in theory–have an unhealthy tendency to run schools along sectarian lines.

Session Speaker

Barry Lynn

Barry Lynn – Executive Director of Americans UnitedSince 1992, the Reverend Barry Lynn has served as executive director of Americans United. for Separation of Church and State, a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to the preservation of the Constitution’s religious liberty provisions.

In addition to his work as a long-time activist and lawyer in the civil liberties field, Lynn is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, offering him a unique perspective on church-state issues.

An accomplished speaker and lecturer, Lynn has appeared frequently on television and radio broadcasts to offer analysis of First Amendment issues. News programs on which Lynn has appeared include PBS’s “NewsHour,” NBC’s “Today Show,” Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” ABC’s “Nightline,” CNN’s “Crossfire,” CBS’s “60 Minutes,” MSNBC’s “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann, Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CNN’s “Larry King Live” and the national nightly news on NBC, ABC and CBS.

On the radio, Lynn serves as host of Culture Shocks a daily look at various issues affecting society and the culture. In 2006, Lynn authored Piety & Politics: The Right-Wing Assault On Religious Freedom (Harmony Books). In 2008 he coauthored (with C. Welton Gaddy) First Freedom First: A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting Religious Liberty and the Separation of Church and State (Beacon Press).

Lynn writes frequently on religious liberty issues, and has had essays published in outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Nation. Lynn also has op-eds published frequently by the McClatchy and Scripps-Howard newspaper chains.

Twitter… @barrywlynn