Rethinking Schools: Education Activism for Social Justice

Session Presenters: Helen Gym and Stan Karp
Session Type(s): Workshop
Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012
Time: 9:45 – 11:15 AM
Room: To Be Arranged

Rethinking Schools editors Helen Gym and Stan Karp will lead a discussion about teacher, parent, and community activism for social justice in education. They will share their experiences with national efforts like Rethinking Schools and the National Coalition of Education Activists and state/local efforts to create schools that serve communities well, fight racism and promote social justice.

  • How can educators, youth, and parents create the policies and conditions that make social justice education possible?
  • How can activism help sustain us inside our flawed educational institutions while we work to transform them?
  • What lessons do past efforts to build activist coalitions hold for current possibilities?

Bring your ideas and experiences for a discussion of ways to build the movement for educational justice.

Helen Gym

Helen Gym – Rethinking Schools

Helen Gym is a former teacher, a parent and community activist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she serves on the leadership board of the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, an education newspaper, and as a board member of Asian Americans United.
 Helen is a Rethinking Schools editorial associate and longtime parent activist.

Stan Karp

Stan Karp– Rethinking Schools

Stan Karp taught English and journalism to high school students in Paterson, NJ for 30 years. He is an editor and frequent contributor for Rethinking Schools magazine and past co-chair of the National Coalition of Education Activists. He is currently Director of the Secondary Reform Project for New Jersey’s Education Law Center.