A Nation’s Priority: Poverty and/or the Children?

Save Our Schools presents this anthology of articles on the inextricably tied topics, Poverty and Is It a Priority. The Effect of Poverty on the Whole Child as he or she endeavors to learn and grow, The Affect of Poverty on Education, and how these impact Educational Outcomes.

Research reveals children are disproportionately exposed to risk factors that may impair brain development and affect social and emotional development, inclusive of…

  • Environmental toxins
  • inadequate nutrition
  • illness or injury
  • maternal depression
  • parental substance abuse
  • trauma and abuse
  • violent crime
  • divorce
  • low-quality child care and decreased cognitive stimulation
  • children not prepared for primary school

Why do we care? Consider how prevalent poverty is in the United States and how this affects the children and indeed, all of us. Consider that, in what is thought to be the richest nation in the world, the way we spend our money reveals that poverty is not a priority.

Source: Friends Committee on National Legislation

Statistics show it is a way of life for millions. Our nation’s budget reflects an unnerving reality. Our treasure is military spending. For each dollar we pay through taxes, 37 cents is spent on current and past wars. Two pennies, yes two copper coins go towards education and social programs. More goes to responding to poverty. Nothing is spent to prevent it. In recent years, some wish to say that education is the answer to poverty. However, a child, impoverished is ill equipped to learn. Please read the abundance of articles and access for yourself. POVERTY and/or CHILDREN; A NATION CONCERNED?

POVERTY, A BUDGETARY PRIORITY?[show-menu menu=PovertyPriority] POVERTY, THE EFFECT ON THE WHOLE CHILD[show-menu menu=PovertyBrainBody] POVERTY AND EDUCATION[show-menu menu=PovertyEducation] POVERTY AND EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES [show-menu menu=”PovertyEdOutcomes”] View the video and contemplate how poverty plays out in the lives of little learners. Ask yourself what can you, we do. Let us do all we can together. We thank you.

What Does Poverty Mean to Kids?

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