A Nation’s Priority; Poverty and/or the Children?

POVERTY, A BUDGETARY PRIORITY?[show-menu menu=PovertyPriority]

Source; Friends Committee on National Legislation
In what is considered the richest nation in the world, “Poverty” is not a priority; it is a way of life for millions. Our nations budget reflects an unnerving reality. Our treasure is military spending. For each dollar we pay through taxes, 37 cents is spent on current and past wars. Two pennies, yes two copper coins go towards education and social programs. More goes to responding to poverty. Nothing is spent to prevent it. In recent years, some wish to say that Education is the answer to poverty. However, a child, impoverished is ill equipped to learn.


Please consider the statistics. Children in Poverty 2012

A Nation’s Priority; Education?

Why might we care?
Children In Poverty
“In 2010 and 2011, more than one in five children (22 percent) lived in families with incomes below the poverty line, the highest level since 1993; black and Hispanic children, children living in single-mother families, and children under five are even more likely to be poor.” [Children in Poverty 2012]

Research indicates that poor children are disproportionately exposed to risk factors that may impair brain development and affect social and emotional development, inclusive of …

  • Environmental toxins
  • inadequate nutrition
  • maternal depression
  • parental substance abuse
  • trauma and abuse
  • violent crime
  • divorce
  • low-quality child care
  • decreased cognitive stimulation (stemming in part from exposure to a more restricted vocabulary as infants)