A Nation’s Priority; Poverty and/or the Children?

span style=”font-size:100%;color: green;”>POVERTY, THE EFFECT ON THE WHOLE CHILD[show-menu menu=PovertyBrainBody] Research indicates that poor children are disproportionately exposed to risk factors that may impair brain development and affect social and emotional development. What occurs in the home, and within a child’s body and brain is revealed in schools. Forty [40] percent of children living in poverty aren’t prepared for primary schooling. As noted in the Child Trends Data Bank pages, “While determining causality is complex in this context, experiencing poverty is related to increased risks of negative health outcomes for young children and adolescents. When compared with all children, poor children are more likely to have poor health and chronic health conditions.”

Sadly, and equally significant is the invisible injury – the spirit is impaired. Throughout your readings and viewing please ponder what might we, as a society, might do to prevent such deep an profound pain. Also, what are we doing now. Why?

The reasons for our present condition are well-researched. Vast quantities can be thoroughly accessed through articles offered in Save Our Schools section on Poverty. We welcome your thoughts.