Teaching is an honorable profession. Yet at times, it is a challenge to know whether society regards its educators as experts in their field, dedicated and committed to education and more so to our nation’s children, our youth and their future successes.

We have all heard the meme, “Those who can do, and those who cannot…” Acceptance of a specious logic may have led many to believe that it is possible to place most anyone in a classroom. In recent years, minimal six-week training programs such as Teach For America [TFA] have arisen. With little to no evidence of success as will be discussed through this page, these have been well received. We think it is essential to look at the inherent flaw within this thinking.

Experience teaches us that learning is valuable. That is why we desire the best schools for our children. Save Our Schools understands that this is true for students and teachers. That is the reason that Teacher Professionalism – professional, qualified, and committed teachers in all public schools – is among our Guiding Principles. For more information, please read below.

Teacher Professionalism