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The Reality of Corporate “Reform”
The Vision of Democratic Schools

The following represents a collection of useful research, videos, blogs, and resources that help explain the growing movement to save our schools.  You will notice that the each section of the library is broken into two parts: The Reality and The Vision.  Many people have written, conducted research, and created films on the realities of what corporate education policies have done to our public schools.  Sections titled The Reality will help you and others understand what the effects of undemocratic policies and practices look like and why they exist.

The sad truth is that many people have been surrounded by the corporate-style policies and practices for so long, we have forgotten what a really good education looks like.  We must know what we are fighting for if we are to create schools that are equitable and meet the needs of all of our children.  There are many examples in our country of schools, teachers, students, parents, and communities who are doing great things in their schools. Sections titled The Vision aim to provide us with some of those examples.


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